I am a wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer covering Kent, Sussex and Surrey. Being a photographer of people makes you look at life differently I think. In a world that is always so busy, where it’s often hard to take a break, I try to stop when I can and to see life in photographs. I allow myself to be truly present in a moment I find beautiful, no matter how simple and capture it in my mind as if I have pressed the shutter on my camera. Over the years I have translated that through my work and honed my skills as a documentary photographer, a story teller….

A wedding is simply a wonderful symbol of hope, hope for the future and finding happiness. This is why I adore photographing weddings. I love the atmosphere, the energy, the people I meet and most importantly I am always honoured to capture so many love stories. To document such a historic day in these people’s life journeys, the images from which, will hopefully become part of their lives forever, makes what I do far more than a job, it is part of my soul and a way of life.

Being a mother to three young children, I have spent much of the last eight years capturing and documenting their developing personalities. This has further fuelled my passion for portrait and children’s photography and has led me to meet and photograph many wonderful families. We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that they are someone today. I want to capture them for you as they are right now so that as you look back at your images in years to come you will remember who they were right at that moment….